Manual ultrasonics machines for the dies polishing – M Serial

BD 140 M
Ø 0.10 – 3.00 mm
Technische Daten
BD 200 M
Ø 0.10 – 4.00 mm
Technische Daten
BD 500 M
Ø 1.50 – 9.00 mm
Technische Daten

Forerunner and leader in the conception of ultrasonics machines for the diamond dies refurbishing, Balloffet is offering some high performance equipment

  • Machines designed, manufactured and used in the Balloffet workshop
  • Exclusive needle attachment system, without welding or brazing
  • Optimum transmission of the ultrasonics power, easy and quick change of the needles
  • Great quality of the shapes and surface finish
  • Reduction of the refurbishing times thanks to the efficiency of the ultrasonics and the precision of the Balloffet needles angles, combined with the selected diamond powders
  • Ergonomics, use and safety specially dedicated to the dies refurbishing in a die-shop
  • Upon inquiry, training and advices by the Balloffet technicians
  • Machines supplied “plug and play

The quality of the manual ultrasonics machines Balloffet (M type) are allowing you to increase your productivity

  • Programmable oscillation
  • Transparent Noise reduction hood
  • Controls on one single side
  • Up to 20 dies refurbished per needle