Nano coated dies

For your cabling, stranding, bunching operations, BALLOFFET is offering you its DIAMCOAT® Nano dies, diamond coated.

Gathering the hardness and the advantages of the tungsten carbide, our DIAMCOAT® dies can be an alternative solution for the cabling, compacting, bunching or stranding of your copper, aluminum, or alloys cables.


  • Wider diameter range than the PCD
  • Die profile dedicated for stranding and/or compacting
  • Life length from 5 to 10 times the one of the tungsten carbide
  • Mirror polish surface finish
  • Low friction level
  • Diameter up to Ø80mm
  • Shaped dies possible
  • Very good ratio price/quality
  • Unit production possible

Technical details:

  • Hardness around 10000Hv
  • Tight tolerances
  • High compaction rate
  • Coating thickness 10-12µm
  • Tungsten carbide basis
  • Very smooth angles blending => no risk of scratches or stripes on the cable
  • Great finishing