Diamond Drawing Dies for Steel, Alloys and Stainless Steels

The steels are hard and abrasive materials for which drawing generates a high consumption of dies.

The use of diamond dies allows you to increase the yield, provided you choose dies perfectly adapted to your drawing conditions.

Possibility of shaped dies or ultra-fine diameters.


BALLOFFET designs and produces the geometry of your diamond dies according to:

  • The steel to be drawn (stainless, low carbon…)
  • The degree of desired dimension accuracy
  • The required wire surface finish by your customers (shiny aspect, matt appearance …)
  • Your lubrication system (dry, wet…)
  • The wire reduction for each draft

Nano-Coated Drawing Dies DiamcoatTM for Low and High Carbon Steel – Welding Wire

The nano-coated dies DIAMCOATTM positively replace carbide dies for steels wire drawing. They are much more resistant to wear, thanks to the nano-diamond layer thickness and its mirror-polish surface finish. They allow to increase the wire drawing speeds, maximasing raw materials savings, for productivity gains.



  • Nanocrystalline diamond coating
  • Coating thickness 30µm
  • In-depth coating penetration into the blank
  • Tolérances Ø ± 5µm up to Ø 10 mm


  • Compatibles with any steel
  • Diameter stability – Material savings
  • Lifespan x15 mini / carbide
  • Any type of lubrication
Diamcoat Dies - Drawing
Steel and Stainless-steel wire drawing
Low carbon steel drawing
Steel alloy drawing

Galvanised steel, zinc-plated steel, phosphated …