Tube Drawing Dies

BALLOFFET manufactures for years diamond dies for the drawing of shaped or round tubes, dedicated for some various industrial fields, such as automotive, medical (stents, endoscopes,…), industry, nuclear, aeronautics,…

Main advantages:

  • Huge life length
  • Better precision and accuracy of diameters
  • Security on the final diameter
  • Mirror polish surface finish
  • No stripes or scratches on the tubes, as it can sometimes happen with the tungsten carbide dies
  • Suitable for many materials (stainless steel, copper, brass, nitinol, bronze, steel, …)
Technical Datas

The BALLOFFET diamond dies for tube drawing can be used whatever your production process is:

  • Drawing bench
  • Bull block
  • Drawing machines
  • Without any floating plug or mandrel on bull block, drawing machine or drawing bench 
  • With plus or mandrel (in tungsten carbide)
  • Fix mandrel (usually low speed and thin wall thickness) on drawing bench only
  • Floating plug or mandrel (usually higher speed and thicker wall thickness) on drawing bench, drawing machine, or bull block


  • Drawing with or without
  • Accurate internal profile of the die, dedicated for your process (angles and bearing decided case by case )
  • For thin or thick wall thickness
  • Diamond mounting designed for resisting to the huge pressure and shocks sometimes generate by the drawing operation
  • Angle smooth blending, for avoiding stripes or scratches on the tubes
  • Perfect polishing, for a nice surface finish
  • Respect of the diameters and tight tolerance
  • Control on your tubes possible
  • Diameter range from 0,10 to 35mm
  • Natural or polycrystalline diamond dies
  • Round or shaped dies
  • Repolishing possible
  • Suitable for various materials (stainless steel, copper, brass, nitinol, bronze, steel, …)
  • Any casing dimension possible

Moreover, if ever you face some issues regarding your carbide plugs, we are now in a position to offer you some diamond coatings which can help you to improve their life length as well as the surface finish of the inner diameter of the tube. For more information, please contact us