Consumables and spare parts for Balloffet machines 

In order to get the best yield of the Balloffet equipment, its’ highly recommended to use the original consumables

All the Balloffet consumables are made or adapted by us, in order to facilitate the handling and get the best quality and productive yield in your die-shop

In addition to his equipments, Balloffet offers you the same consumables as the ones used in our production unit for the manufacturing or refurbishing of dies

Consumables for Balloffet machines

  • Diamond powders homologated by Balloffet, grain size from 0-1/4µm up to 40-60 µm
  • Diamond wheels for ultrasonics machines type M, SA, or VGA
  • Needles and spindles for ultrasonics machines
  • Conical amplifiers for ultrasonics machines
  • Rice paper for the dies cleaning
  • Adhesive stickers for diamond powder filling
  • Working wire in stainless steel or copper plated steel for our wire machines

Spare parts for Balloffet machines

In order to guarantee the best customer service, Balloffet has listed the whole spare parts concerning his equipment, and most of them are available from stock

Mechanical parts

Die-holder plates, die-holders, clamps, guiding columns, rollers and rails sets, ball bearings, nuts and screws, belts, lightning, …

Electrical and electronic parts

Ultrasonics heads, electric motors (rotation, oscillation, up and down systems, wheels), variators, timers, electronic cards

Pneumatic parts

Jacks and cylinders, distributors, regulators, pressure gauges, valves, …