Diamond tools

Our know-how in the machining of the diamond allows us to manufacture since many years some diamond tools dedicated for some other industries than the wire drawing or cable industry.

Whatever your need is in small drilled parts, the diamond solution can be considered as a suitable solution.

In natural or polycrystalline diamond, our diamond tools are used in various applications, such as :

  • HP waterjet nozzles for cutting, cleaning, or deburring
  • Painting
  • Paper pulp cutting
  • Optical laboratories or research centers
  • Flow or leakage controls and regulation
  • Technical textiles enduction
  • Job on demand on some hard or ultra-hard materials
  • Lots of other applications, do not hesitate to contact us

HP waterjet & painting nozzles

Enduction dies

Pinholes & Anvils

Flow control & regulation

Balls seats & valves

Drilling & polishing of ultra-hard materials