Shaped Dies

The shaped wires are increasingly used (connectors, generators, micro-generators, energy cables, filtration…).

Drawing a shaped wire provides a higher precision than rolling.

Experienced in designing and manufacturing diamond shaped dies from 0.030 mm (30 µm) up to 25.00 mm, Balloffet advises and supports you.

  • Personalized feasibility study – dies sequence calculation
  • Die definition (angles, bearing, etc…) and optimal geometry achievement
  • Sizing Preciseness: tight tolerances and ultra-reduced radius (mini R < 10µ)
  • Very high mirror polishing quality for an excellent surface finish, particularly for your enamelled wires
  • Large shapes diversity possible
  • Long-lasting for the best Return on Investment.

Complementary or in substitution of your rolling process, Balloffet presents a complete unique shape dies offer, with mono-crystalline (SSCD) or poly-crystalline (PCD) diamonds.

Our highly reproduceable processes in manufacturing allow us to ensure a very good level of straightness and wires and tubes surface finish.




Minimum Dimension

0.020 mm

0.50 mm

Maximum Dimension

1.00 mm

30.00 mm

Minimum Radius

< 10µm

50 µm

Standart Tolerance

2μm à 5μm

5μm à 10μm

A panel of solution fitting your need

From a round wire to a shape or from a pre-shaped wire to another shape 
  • Die specifications calculation
  • Dies sequence calculation and design according to the drawing machine specifications
  • Diamond type characteristics and size selection (mono-crystalline or PCD- granulometry – diametre and thickness…)
  • Consistent measurement report
  • Control on elongation of dies sequence possible, including for multi-wires machine


Tungsten Carbide dies possible for validation before diamond dies implementation

Any types of shapes achievable for wires or tubes 

We bring our contribution in the custom-made definition of your dies sequences as well as your finishing dies, to meet your need and expectations to achieve any shape.

  • Trapezoidal
  • Hexagonal
  • Rectangle, square, triangle
  • Trolley
  • Oval
  • Semi-round
  • Z Shape
  • Any shape can be considered.

Balloffet manufactures your shaped dies in compliance with high-quality standards with a high mirror polish surface finish for an optimal result.

Our Control Methods

Different equipments and measuring devices are available to carry-out different sizes and dimensional controls:

  • Mechanical wire size control (micrometer)
  • Optical surfaces (microscope)
  • Dimensional contact free (Quick scope type)
  • Shape with tri-dimensional / MMT – 3D

Our team of engineers supports you, designs and manufactures your dies.

The « HIGH PERFORMANCE » shaped dies comply with your quality requirements in terms of desired dimensions and geometries.

We remain at your disposal to study any request and all your projects.

Consulting expertise
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