Drawing Dies for Coated and Special Wires

Coated wires

A particular attention is paid on the dies for Coated wire drawing, both in the finishing of the surface condition and in the work of the internal junctions of the die.

Coated wire
  • Tinned copper
  • Copper-coated wire
  • Zinc-coated wire
  • Silver-coated wire
  • Copper, enamelled aluminum (glaze binding)
  • Or any coated metal wire …

Welding Wires

There are very different Welding wires types (MIG, MAG, coated core …)
Each type requires the know-how and experience of Balloffet to select the most suitable die type.

Special metals wires  

Liaise with us to propose the most suitable diamond geometry and type according to the type of wire to be drawn and the range of diameters concerned.

  • Gold wire
  • Silver wire
  • Platinum wire
  • Rhenium wire
  • Beryllium wire
  • Bronze wire
  • Iridium wire
  • Nitinol wire
  • Titanium wire
  • Steelcord wire
  • Saw wire
  • Tungsten wire
  • Molybdenum wire
  • Nickel-chromium alloys, nickel-aluminum

Electro-erosion – EDM wires 

The wire used for the electro-erosion cutting (EDM) can be naked or coated and must meet the requirements of precision, straightness and surface condition.

Balloffet dies guarantee :

  • the best diamond type selection
  • evolutionary geometries adapted to the specificities of electroerosion
  • a perfect wire straigthness at wire drawing output
  • a finish suitable for coated EDM wires

Other dies

Liaise with us for any technical request for particular applications:

  • Skin Pass
  • Shaving dies
  • Drying dies
  • Split dies
  • Coloring die (optic fiber)