HP waterjet or painting diamond nozzles



Paper pulp


Flat jet


Since more than 25 years, Balloffet has used his knowledge in the diamond machining for producing some tools dedicated for the companies working in HP waterjet or painting industry.

We are so producing in house any type of diamond waterjet nozzle dedicated for the HP cutting, cleaning, deburring … of some metal, composite or sintered parts, as well as for the painting operations.

Whatever your need is, we’ll bring you a suitable solution to improve your current nozzles performance :

  • lifespan
  • precision
  • very small diameters (down to <10µm),
  • required jet consistency and/or coherence

We benefit from our knowledge in the manufacturing of diamond dies to sinter our diamond nozzles the same way, which is a guarantee in terms of leakage and perfect and stable diamond position.
Reduce your costs by decreasing your machine stops, on your cutting tables, automated arms, HP cleaning robots, without any other change on your machines.