Dies cleaning equipment

In order to facilitate the die wear level check, the dies must be perfectly cleaned

Taking off any lubricant or metal shaving parts is requiring a strong cleaning power, without damaging the casing or the stamping of the dies.

But it’s also crucial to optimize the cleaning times, often underestimated

Balloffet is offering some ultrasonics cleaning baths, combining performance, productivity, reliability and safety

These devices are used daily in our manufacturing unit for the production of our dies, known in the whole world for their quality and yield

UC 515 bath – 2 liters

UDC 2728 bath – 25 liters

Extrusion tools cleaning

UC 515 bath  –  2 liters

  • Industrial quality stainless steel tank and ultrasonics generator
  • Great ultrasonics power and distribution for an efficient cleaning
  • Reinforced conception for a better life length
  • Wire basket supplied for a simultaneous cleaning of many dies
  • Easy to use and safe (CE certified)
Fiche technique

UDC 2728 bath – 25 liters

  • Allows the simultaneous cleaning of a huge amount of tools (up to 150 dies)
  • Great ultrasonics power and distribution for an efficient cleaning
  • Heating tank up to 60°c – Oscillating basket
  • Adjustable temperature and cycle time
  • Easy to use and safe. Acoustic insulation
  • Designed for any kind of metal tools in steel, tungsten carbide, or diamond