Training and advices

In order to allow you to reach the best refurbishing performance, Balloffet is offering you his know-how in the dies maintenance and machines use.

Depending on your needs, some dedicated training lessons are given by our technicians, in our training center or in your factory.

Modules: Balloffet Group Knowledge

Introduction of the BALLOFFET group

  • The historical site, the subsidiaries, the markets
  • The Balloffet technical and commercial strengths in the world.

Balloffet workshop visit

  • The various departments
  • The manufacturing process

Modules: Dies knowledge and maintenance

Diamond drawing dies

  • The monocrystalline diamond dies (natural and synthetic)
  • The polycrystalline diamond dies (blanks, grain sizes…)
  • The various die parts and their importance for the drawing

Optical control of the dies

  • Binocular dies check – Tracking of the various die parts
  • Shape knowledge : Angles, bearing length
  • Surface finish check
  • Die wear and operations to be made

Control means and methods

  • Diameter and roundness measurement : Micrometer – laser – weight – optical
  • Elongation measurement
  • Shape control : laser, mould, pictures, Conoptica

Modules die repair 

Die repair steps

  • Wear and defects analysis
  • Shaping
  • Calibration
  • Polishing
  • Diameter and surface finish control

Die repair equipment presentation

  • Ultrasonics machines
  • Wire machines
  • Control equipment : Binocular microscopes, pulling bench, diameter control
  • Cleaning equipment

Abrasive powders

  • Applicable grain sizes
  • Oil mix – Water mix – Diamond suspensions

Devices maintenance and set up

  • Ultrasonics machines
  • Wire machines
  • Other equipment

Practical exercice of die refurbishing

  • Mono and polycrystalline diamond dies
  • Refurbishing and control equipment use

Modules: Knowledge and maintenance of the extrusion tool

  • Diamond guides and tips
  • Tungsten carbide, steel, hastelloy…guides and tips …
  • Advantages of the Balloffet extrusion tools
  • Range of diameters

Ask us in order to build some dedicated training program, depending on your needs and goals 

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