Automatic ultrasonics machine for the dies shaping and polishing – Series VGA

BD 140 VGA evo2
Ø 0.15 – 3.00 mm
Technical Data

Forerunner and leader in the conception of ultrasonics machines for the diamond drawing dies grinding, Balloffet is offering some high performance equipment

  • Machines designed, manufactured and used in the Balloffet workshop
  • Unique Balloffet needle attachment system, without brazing or welding
  • Perfect transmission of the ultrasonics power, quick and easy needle replacement
  • Optimal quality of the shapes and surface finish
  • Reduction of the working time thanks to the efficiency of the ultrasonics and the precision of the Balloffet needles angles, in association with the selected diamond powders
  • Ergonomics, easy-to-use and safety especially dedicated for the refurbishing in a die-shop
  • Upon request, training and advices by the Balloffet technicians
  • Machines supplied plug and play

The quality of the BD 140 VGA evo2, fully automatic ultrasonics machine for the dies shaping and polishing, is a guarantee of productivity

  • Refurbishing of 15 to 20 dies in a full autonomy
  • Automatized charging in diamond powder
  • Automatic, quick and adjustable needle sharpening between 2 cycles
  • Programmable functions
  • Up to 20 dies repolished per needle
  • Needle Press included
  • Machine stops diagnostic (diagnostic mode)
  • Input/output detectors state